Brand New Patrick Stump Song To Kick Off Your Weekend!

So, we’re still freaking out over the news that Patrick Stump will be releasing a new EP next week. Truant Wave will contain music that Stump didn’t think quite felt the feel of his upcoming full length release Soul Punk.

And now, just in time for the weekend, has an exclusive release of one of the songs from Truant Wave. An R&B flavored anthem called “Cute Girls.

According to Spin:

“Cute Girls” was written and produced with Om’Mas Keith, an L.A.-based artist who appeared on Diddy’s Making the Band. “I think Om’Mas Keith is a damn genius,” Stump tells SPIN. “We wrote this song together. It’s loosely about the objectification of women in modern pop culture.”

Wait, wait, Patrick Stump. Back up. You’re an extremely gifted musician with THAT VOICE who wrote a song about OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMEN IN MODERN POP CULTURE?

I really do think I’m in love.

What do you guys think of “Cute Girls?”