My Chemical Romance: On a Roof. In Hollywood.

On Friday afternoon, an ecstatic group of MCR fans partied on the roof of the historic Hollywood Tower building. There were drinks, a DJ, food catered by Wahoo’s Fish Tacos and oh… just an acoustic performance by the band. NBD?

Set list:



Ghost of You



I’m Not OK

After the set–also attended by the adoring wifeys–they did a quick Q&A, during which we learned:

Gerard and Mikey are not related to Danny Way

Ray likes to cook

Frank likes to watch Top Chef, and is glad Marcel was booted

Gerard and LynZ are fans of Carla on Top Chef

They don’t like playing Drowning Lessons because they feel it is a CURSED SONG.

When asked if they could tame any wild animal and keep it as their pet, Gerard said he’d want a hawk, Mikey said he’d want a lion or a great white shark, Ray said he’d want a monkey (I’m sure this can ACTUALLY be arranged) and Frank says he has a general mistrust of wild animals, so he’d like to own Falcor.

This is Falcor:

MCR has been a band for 10 years as of this year. Woo!

Check out the amazing pics Kayla took at this event.