Pizza, music & a lot of fun

Yesterday night was one of the most beautiful night I spent in my life. With my partners class of music of the university organized a pizza party at Matteo’s home. Even though falled a lot of snow in those last days, we are determinated to have a dinner all together before Xmas holidays and before the New Year, that probably I will spend with Matteo and her best friend Luvi (another my partner class) and other their friends… by the way, we went to Matteo’s home and have a lot of fun with guitars, music, pizza and jokes 😉 At 2am we decided to watch SCREAM and at 3:30am went to sleep. This morning I come back home, I slept a little bit and now i’m doing one’s packing for tomorrow, I go in Milan for see Tarja’s concert and also for meet my friend Stefania and my mum can see again her friend Monica

Valentina & I

Valentina & Alberto

Matteo & Alberto

Daniele & Valentina


In the next 2 days i will not at the pc, i don’t know if i’ll enter on buzznet with my blackberry, i will miss you so much guys!