A Fancy Moustache “How To” – Welcome Back Nathaniel J. Hornsby!

It has been some time since some of you have met Nathaniel J. Hornsby of South New Buckshire. If you don’t know who this is, please allow me to reacquaint you with the curly moustache that occupies my face. Last spring when I was busy being dead and stuff, Nathaniel went on vacation. It had been a long time since he had seen his family. His father, Captain MuttonChops Hornsby demanded that Nathaniel be home for his mother’s birthday, lest she be dismayed. LadyLocks Hornsby is a sensitive soul. Nathaniel is an only child and decided long ago that my face was the place to go gallavanting about. Well, he is now back! Let me show you how Nathaniel gets ready for his day.

Usually, Nathaniel is not a morning person. He looks like this in the morning:


To rouse him from his slumber, I have to comb him out:

He does not like this at all. In fact, sometimes he protests and SHEDS HIMSELF. My sink basin is then left with Nathaniel babies littering the toothpaste-y landscape.

To whip Nathaniel into shape, he needs some help from Wax-ita Le Cire. She is a tough person and you don’t mess with her. Nathaniel is also morning friends with Woodsy Planksroller. The comb doesn’t have a name because no one likes it.

I then have to place tiny bits of Waxita onto my finger for the next step:

Here is Nathaniel being all curly fried:

I feel very Salvador Dali at this step.

After Nathaniel and Waxita do the tango, I use Mr. Planksroller to shape Nathaniel up:

After that, Nathaniel is VERY POLISHED. He is not in love with being prim and propper, so this is not the last stage.

Nathaniel is very rowdy. He does not like to be all rolled up so he prefers to be brushed out and FRIZZYFREE:

And there you have it. That’s how Nathaniel gets ready for the day. Party!