It’s Cat Week On Buzznet!

Welcome to our furry world of KEWT INTERNET KITTEHZ on Buzznet!

By the time this week is over, you are going to have a run a lint roller over your life to de-fur it from all the cute cats we are bringing you. You are going to have a hairball the size of Rhode Island sitting on your couch and you are going to want to pet it once Cat Week on Buzznet is over. We will all be in Cat Rehab as we suffer withdrawls from the meows.

You are invited to our CAT GIF PARTY!

We want to see photos of your preshuz bb’s. If you have a cute cat, please do us the honor of sharing with us all it’s adorableness. This Friday, we will highlight all the cute on Buzznet. All you have to do is add the following tag:


Tell us anything you want to share about your cat. What makes your cats awesome? Are they lazy? What is their favorite thing to chase? You know, all the important stuff. Please allow me to introduce to you the cat of Nessalh, Ginny Weasly:

“But I just can’t be with you like this anymore, Meow-ejandro!”


Please stay tuned as we bring you more cats from CatWeek2010! Go post your bb’s!

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