Marvel Comics to Offer ‘Tron: Legacy’ Variant Covers in November

I really thought we’d seen the craziest Marvel variant cover deal this year when they did their Vampire Covers. Because, seriously, how do you top vampire Tony Stark?

Easy. You bring in Tron.

Marvel’s November titles will have variant covers featuring the characters in Tron-style uniforms. This is likely due to the fact that Marvel was bought out by Disney in 2009, but hey, if this is the sort of stuff we’re going to see from this merger? I’m REALLY OKAY WITH IT.

Some of the covers include:

Tron Spiderman

Tron Iron Man

Tron Wolverine

And Tron Ms. Marvel (who I will include here, even if Joss Whedon won’t be including her in the Avengers movie)

Now, of course, these are just variant covers, meaning that the Tron characters/storyline will not affect the Marvel universe in any way, even in these issues. It’s just a fun bit of different artwork that may only make sense to us comic fans, but we’re okay with that. Mostly.