Calling All 80’s Metal Enthusiasts: Toxic Vision Has Your Back

Hair Metal is a dying genre of music. What happened to all the Nikki Sixx clones, Bret Michaels fangirls and Michael Monroe hair? And where did the leather, zebra print, chains and pentagrams go? Thankfully, “Sharon Toxic,” a self-taught Toronto based fashion designer was put on this earth 23 years ago. Her label, Toxic Vision, is for the modern Glam Rocker/”alternative” girl. Sharon hand-sews every garment, and even takes custom orders on her Etsy store. Her hard work is starting to pay off—a few months ago, Toxic Vision put on a runway show in New York’s very own Santos Party House on Lafayette street. Oh. Wait. Did I mention that Raquel Reed made an appearance in this show?

It also might interest you to know that Buzznet’s very own Audrey Kitching has modeled and worn Toxic Vision’s creations to Fashion Week.

Two years ago, Toxic Vision collaborated with Hello Kitty and came up with this badass candy-colored corset and faux-fur cropped jacket.
The amazing Mizz Zee!

Sharon’s boyfriend has his own accessory line, Heavy Metal Laundry.

To shop Toxic Vision, click HERE.

Would you wear any of of this Sunset Strip, Motley Crue inspired getup?