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Audrey Kitching’s New Year’s Review & Resolutions

Audrey Kitching is one of a kind. Alt-model, designer, amazingly talented DIY craftmaster, hair stylist, and Buzznet blogger and correspondent, Audrey has become a staple on the LA fashion scene. She’s the beauty behind Coco De Coeur and Tokyolux. You can’t miss her Betsey-Johnson-meets-Melanie-Griffith-a-la-Wild-Thing style and signature pink hair. Recently featured in Nylon Magazine for… More »

Hannabeth’s New Year’s Review and Resolution

All of us here at Buzznet already know and love Hanna Beth Merjos. Model, fashion designer, Buzznet blogger and correspondent, and all-around It Girl, Hanna Beth does it all, from touring with bands to interviewing the stars on red carpets. She recently launched her aptly-named clothing line Sober is Sexy, and has recently opened up… More »

Bree McGuire (Breesays)

Buzznet: What did you achieve in 2010 that you are most proud of? Bree McGuire: There isn’t one thing, really–just in general, realizing that being nervous about something isn’t a reason not to go through with it. The rest can be summed up in this quote, “I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be… More »

Calling All 80’s Metal Enthusiasts: Toxic Vision Has Your Back

Hair Metal is a dying genre of music. What happened to all the Nikki Sixx clones, Bret Michaels fangirls and Michael Monroe hair? And where did the leather, zebra print, chains and pentagrams go? Thankfully,…

Fashion Vixens with Style that’s To Die For

From rockstar edge to bohemian chic, these Fashion Vixens have a unique and inspiring sense of style that makes them the envy of every girl. The question on our minds is: Which Stylista’s closet would you like to step foot into?

love it, live it, suck it

watch this over and over

Jared Gold Fashion Show



Jstar “CUNT” pink underwear available now! [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE] model: RAQUEL REED


dirty duo


going on stage at Bamboozle right before my first song!


Performing at Bamboozle! guest appearances on stage: Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching & Hanna Beth video by Hey Chris

Bamboozle: hiding in the shade


5 years and counting..

best friends forever

group sex is legal in California

2003: the first night we met

doing an interview

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