The Young Veins Premier Their “Take a Vacation” Video

Oh, the Young Veins. One day, your van will magically turn into a time machine that will send you back to the 1960’s and you can happily live there.

And really, it couldn’t happen fast enough for me, because your nostalgia laden videos are getting…well…lame. First of all, you pretend to be The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. And now you’re the opening sequence of an Annette Funicello movie. But not one of the good, memorable ones.

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Is it just me, or is there seriously a beverage on screen every ten seconds in this video? It’s making me thirsty. And the globe turning into the beach ball was just, for lack of a better word, lame.

To put it into slang terms that better fit the theme: golly, The Young Veins, this video sure was a downer. Now, I’m off to win the surfing contest and save our beach from those fuddy-duddy adults! Save me a seat at the big victory bonfire!

What do you think, Buzznet?