Talking About Fall Fashion (And Monkey Fur) With Style Blogger Jen Hanley of Gnarlitude

As part of our Fall Fashion interview series, we’re showcasing some of the most important voices in the fashion industry today: style bloggers. These days there a lot of style blogs out there, and with the exception of a few standouts, it’s sort of hard to sift through the sea of “outfit in mirror” photo posts and Polyvore pretty pictures and find something worthwhile. Well look no furthur, fashion-seeking internet explorers (with apologies to Firefox) because Gnarlitude has more personality in its pinkie (blog appendage, whatever) than an entire cache of humdrum blogs (I’m out of internet metaphors now). A compelling blend of envelope-pushing high-low fasion (think Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens as well as Ksubi and Kill City) and music and culture references (the scans of old biker magazines and tributes to the likes of Motorhead and Patti Smith are awesome), Gnarlitude truly reflects Jen Hanley’s personal style, not just a recap of today’s trends. I’m very excited to have had the chance to ask Hanley a few fashion questions, and I strongly suggest that you check her site every day (I know I do).

BUZZNET: Who are your style icons? JEN HANLEY: The guys and girls featured in Easyriders Magazine in the 1970’s

BN: What is your absolute favorite item of clothing?JH: I should say my vintage monkey fur coat but honestly, tight black Ksubi jeans are my favorite things on earth. I couldn’t imagine a day going by not wearing them.

BN: What fashion trend do you wish would just go away already?JH: Crosses! Skatin’ and Satan go hand in hoof.

BN: If your style had a theme song, what would it be?JH: RTX – Black Bananas. It’s about picking through people’s trash and turning it into gold.

BN: Describe your look in three words or lessJH: Miserable Mornings, NeverEnding Nights



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