Brunette vs…. Brunette. Andy Six or Ronnie Radke? And More…

So apparently all popular “alternative” music “heart throbs” are brunette. By brunette I mean naturally brunette; both Ronnie and Andy have dyed their hair black. I’m going with Andy, hands down. I love his nose from a profile; which I realize sounds slightly creepy. At one point I just wanted to be Ronnie’s best friend, because I think all he really needs is a hug. Max Green is unnecessarily douche-y to Ronnie, which makes me mad.

FACT: Max Green used to be a cool guy, but now he’s a jerk (please murder me through your screens, Max vs. Ronnie enthusiasts).

FACT #2: Andy Six likes seasonal flavors such as egg nog and pumpkin spice.

FACT #3: Ronnie Radke is Audrey Kitching’s ex-boyfriend! This is old news, I know, no need to point that out in the comments.

Oh hey Mr. Stoic

I think the fact that Ronnie, Andy and Max all come up on Google image when you search each separately is kind of funny. Even Bill Kaulitz pops up occasionally. Find a group of eyeliner wearing, semi-attractive men in bands and they might as well be the same person.

So. Andy or Ronnie?

Black Veil Brides or Falling in Reverse?

Max Green or Ronnie Radke? Craig Mabbitt or Ronnie Radke?

Does Escape the Fate really sound like Bring Me the Horizon now?

I could go on forever.