Play the Scott Pilgrim Online Game for Fun and Profit* (*No Profit Can Be Made From This Game)

So, with Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World now in theatres, you’ll need something to do inbetween your rabid, repeated viewings of the film and crazed rush to pick up copies of the original graphic novel series. But don’t worry, because there is a free and easy solution to this.

Celebuzz has created an online game which mixes Scott Pilgrim with Pac Man, where you play as Michael Cera’s floating head, attempting to gather all the hearts on the screen before you are hunted down by Ramona Flowers’ evil ex boyfriends. Get your hands on a guitar and you can become the hunter rather than the hunted.

But watch out, because each level adds more evil exs to maneuver around. Taking care of three of them wasn’t a problem, but once I got to the second level, the Twins kept catching up to me. And then there was the time I ran straight into Roxie Richter because I wasn’t paying attention. Life is hard sometimes.

The best part? The Pac Man style game is perfect. I can’t say much if you haven’t seen the movie, but trust me, Pac Man is referenced in a fairly important way.

So go! Play the game! Fight for true love! And watch out for Todd Ingram’s creepy glowy eyes. They don’t actually do extra damage or anything, but dude has glowing eyes.