My Chemical Romance Has Finally Finished Recording Their 4th Album

In 2008, My Chemical Romance announced they would be taking a brief hiatus in order to catch a breath and live their lives.

That “brief hiatus” turned into 2 years of living their lives, including marriages, soundtrack appearances, comic books, knocking up their new wives, getting rid of a drummer for unexplained reasons and terrible, terrible choices regarding hair color/style. And it came to the point where fans were starting to wonder if they were ever going to see a new My Chemical Romance album.

(I refuse to mess around with cropping Bob out of photos. Deal with it.)

Well, fear not. Because after all of those adventures, and scrapping their first attempt at a new album, Gerard Way announced at Comic Con that the band has finished recording the new album.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard that implied it was finished. In early July, Ray Toro published two items to his Twitter feed implying the album was nearing completion.

But with all of this good news, we still don’t have a release date or title for the album, though last month a rumor hit the web that the title will be Murderer. This, however, was based on a number of torrents featuring that title that supposedly leaked in late June…before the album was finished. I’d advise against trying to download those, since they are a) likely fake and b) possibly just an attempt to spread some kind of malware. Of course there’s always c) it’s recordings of the album the band decided against releasing…but I’m not really brave enough to torrent and find out.

But call me crazy, but I’d kind of like to know what was going on with that first album they scrapped. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened with a Buzznet band-of-interest, prior to releasing Pretty. Odd. Panic at the Disco had reportedly written an entire album meant as a musical about werewolves that was never to be released (you can, however, hear one of the scrapped tracks on the CFOB Mixtape that was released in 2008, titled “Nearly Witches.”). Did MCR also attempt to make a werewolf musical and scrap it*? INQUIRING MINDS MUST KNOW!

*Okay, I KNOW they didn’t do this as they’ve been very clear about the 4th album not being a concept/theme album. It was a joke. I feel like I have to be sure to alert people when I’m making those as it relates to My Chemical Romance.