My Chemical Romance Casting Call Leaves Us Totally Clueless

It sounds like things are moving fast now that My Chemical Romance has put the finishing touches on their next album. We just got confirmation from Gerard Way last month that the band had finished, but now it sounds like they’re putting together promo materials and album art.

But, um, the info we have about the promo art? Well…it’s definitely indicative of a new direction for MCR. And is confusing as hell.

A casting call was apparently sent out for actors, claiming to be searching for people for “Album artwork (not the cover), advertising, promo, publicity, multimedia,digital and online, website, merch” and “possibility talent may be used in a video.” And what are they calling for?

  • A little girl, ages 8-10 “Interesting faces, think Natalie Portman in”The Professional”…striking, with an attitude and vulnerability.
  • A feminine looking man, 18-25, “with some good abs,”…oh, and he “MUST be able to rollerskate.”

Wait, wait. ROLLERSKATE?

Somewhat troubling is the use of the term “ladyboy” in the actor’s call. That probably could have been phrased in a far less offensive manner. “Feminine Man” seems like it would have covered that just fine.

But, yes. A feminine man on rollerskates and a striking young girl are going to appear in materials related to MCR’s still untitled new album. And I follow that up with a very solid “WHAT.”