30 Seconds To Mars Presents the US Premier of Their Video for “Closer to the Edge”

So, 30 Seconds to Mars went and got me all excited, announcing they were debuting a video for Closer to the Edge. I was a little confused as well, since I’d already seen a great video for “Closer to the Edge” that had made the rounds and was a concert performance video I actually ENJOYED (I generally find performance and “home movie” type music videos to be boring and a bit of a cop-out). Granted, that shouldn’t shock me, 30StM goes all out for music videos.

However, I was a little disappointed when today I clicked a link from their official Twitter and found out that, no, this wasn’t a new video, but instead the “US Debut” of the video I’d already seen…while living in the US…which means it already debuted here…kinda. The internet is a very interesting thing.

But whatever, it’s a great video, so I’m still writing it up and reposting it anyway. Featuring video from their Into the Wild World Tour, commentary from Echelon members and, of course, Jared’s pink pomegranate mohawk.

Thirty Seconds to Mars | MySpace Music Videos

And of course, 30 Seconds to Mars is STILL on tour and will be back in the US this fall for more dates. Also, their music video for “Kings and Queens” is nominated for several MTV Video Music Awards including Best Rock Video and Video of the Year.

But for right now, what do you guys think of the video for “Closer to the Edge?”