Shooting with Blackberry *w*

First, I must say: I need to dye again my hair because my head is full of different colours: black, brown, pink, schocking pink or fuxia (how you want call it), blond/light green/light grey/very light blue XD my hair is a rainbow, but i must say that i love it!!!! ha ha ha

My parents are in the pool of my residence, so for kill the time, a little bit, I decided to make me a couple of pics, just for fun XD I’m wearing TOKIO HOTEL’s tshirt (one of the millions I have xp) because today it’s my 3rd anniversary with them! Exactly 3 years ago, I knew them, and from that moment my life changed! Later, my parents & I eat the cake with the pic of them on it *w* stay tuned for the pics

What’s your fav band or singer, and how long are you a fan of them/him/her?!