Screw Comic-Con, It’s all about PACEY-CON!

Actor Joshua Jackson has recently been starring on the hit Fox sci-fi show Fringe, where he plays genius “jack-of-all-trades” Peter Bishop.

But of course, this isn’t Jackson’s first foray into hit television series. Oh no. Jackson, of course, was one of the stars of the teen drama Dawson’s Creek, where he played Pacey Witter, the show’s sarcastic underachiever who manges to get laid, like, all the time.

So, while Jackson was at the San Diego Comic Con for a Fringe panel, he apparently decided to host his own “Pacey-Con” as well.

Pacey-Con with Joshua Jackson from Joshua Jackson

I have to admire a man who can so easily poke fun of himself for stuff like this. But my question is, will he be getting Christina Ricci and Jesse Einsenberg together for a Cursed-Con next year? I will absolutely be there. That movie was just awful.