Freebie Friday: Win A Festival Inspire T-Shirt From Veuxdoo

Oh man, the weekend is final here! I’m headed off to ACM Festival and Pet-A-Palooza festival tonight/ tomorrow, and Coachella on Wednesday. I thought I should do a festival inspired giveaway for one of my…

DIY Tuesday – Rainbow Fringe Jacket

Hi Moon Babies! I wanna show you a simple way to give your old jackets a second life. This would also look super cute done on a hoodie, I think. I’ve been in LOVE with this jacket and wanna deck it out even more by adding some patches and faux fur. It’s so outrageous that… More »

PDA Alert! Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

It’s no contest: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are pretty much the best looking, most adorable Hollywood couple ever. The duo is always so stylish, so happy, and so ridiculously in love with each other. I guess their PDA-ways would be kind of annoying if they weren’t so darn charming! Kruger, who will star in… More »

To DIY For: Stay On Trend, Make A Stud And Fringe Vest!

Fringe and studs are two of my favorite things, so when I went in my closet and found an old denim vest I was ready to throw out, it was as if a lightbulb went off! I jumped in my car and went to the fabric store for supplies! I figured out a quick and… More »

Best And Worst Looks From The MET Gala Red Carpet 2012

I LOVED RACHEL ZOE. I LOVE FRINGE. What did you guys love?

Groovy, Mod, Hippie: 60s Style for Summer!

The 1960s were an amazing time for style, and this season I’ve seen fringe, tie die, peter pan collars and feather details everywhere! I’m partial to the mod style myself, but check out these three…

Screw Comic-Con, It’s all about PACEY-CON!

Actor Joshua Jackson has recently been starring on the hit Fox sci-fi show Fringe, where he plays genius “jack-of-all-trades” Peter Bishop. 

But of course, this isn’t Jackson’s first foray into hit television series.  Oh no.  Jackson,…

Fringe: “Unleashed”

The short version of last night’s episode: a genetically altered combo-animal (omg monster!) gets loose when an animal rights group liberates them from a Swift Lab. It kills those kids, then takes a stroll through…

Fringe Comes Back With “Inner Child”

Fringe returned to Fox last night, after an excruciating hiatus. Unfortch, the comeback episode had little to do with the previous episode, “Ability.”[cut=Read more…]

Or maybe it

Fringe returns tomorrow!

I’m ready for 7 new episodes!!!

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