Aaron Rose’s Make Something School Makes Me Hate My Own Childhood

I was going through one of my seventy boxes I have stored in my parents’ garage the other day (contents include but are not limited to: 5th grade bike rodeo prizes, my family tree en espanol, and no less than twelve college notebooks). Nowhere in these boxes did I find a photo I had taken under the tutelage of Helmut Newton or fashion sketch inspired by my teacher Calvin Klein. Because they DON’T EXIST.

However, kids lucky enough to attend Aaron Rose’s Make Something School in New York City will have the opportunity to take classes like Documentary photo with Ari Marcopoulos, Costume design with Cassette Playa, a mural workshop with Os Gemeos, as well as (NO BIG DEAL) shoe design with Nike designers. So when they open their memory boxes a lot more than just multi-colored plastic lanyard keychains and notes from frenemy Jenny DelTorio will fly out. Screw you, future generation.

Classes and workshops run through August 17 and if you’re lucky you can still get your prodigal son (or daughter) into a few by signing up HERE.