Kimberly Cole Has A Thing For Nike

Nike really does a body good! Here is my 3 month Nike wish list! I’m especially obsessing over designer and innovator Riccardo Tisci‘s take on the Nike classic ….Air Force One. I mean… really doesn’t get better than this! Which pair would you rock??

My Photo Diary: Weekend In Santiago Chile!

So this past weekend I went to Santiago Chile for a show with Sky Blu and BBU (Big Bad University) Sky is from LMFAO and I had to learn the whole 2 hour show in…

Popular Demand Holiday 2012 Lookbook Feat. Problem, Clyde Carson Ty$ And More!

Two of my favorite things are fashion and music, especially up and coming artists and clothing lines. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the LA based, lifestyle brand known as Popular Demand. Me and my fellow Buzzer, Madison Taylor, have gotten to see the inner workings of the company as well as their successful… More »

My new shoes

Simply I love them!

I love NIKE brand and this type of shoes, I was searching for a new pair for such a long time, unluckily I didn’t find another pair I liked of Reebok, but…

Haute Couture Pour Tennis

As you all know, the US Open is going on right now, which naturally made me think of the outfits the players wear. Not so much the men—they don’t usually deviate from the typical shorts…

Aaron Rose’s Make Something School Makes Me Hate My Own Childhood

I was going through one of my seventy boxes I have stored in my parents’ garage the other day (contents include but are not limited to: 5th grade bike rodeo prizes, my family…

CRUSH OF THE DAY: Nike’s Crayon Carved Footballers

Guess what? I don’t care about soccer. At all. Michael Ian Black recently said the only way to make Americans care about soccer is to add face punching, and I kind of…

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