Currently Coveting: Novel-T’s

Imagine, for a moment, that some of the greatest writers and characters in literature got together.

And played baseball.

Such is the idea behind Novel-T‘s, a company that makes “jersey-style literary t-shirts.” With a host of writers and characters seperated into two teams, the American Canons and the National Puncs, there’s something for everybody.

My personal picks? Well, from the American Canons, #13, third baseman Edgar Allan Poe:

There’s also another version of this shirt that features a human heart rather than a raven as the logo.

And, from the National Puncs, playing first base, #3, Jay “The Great” Gatsby.

Though, I’m also partial to their third basewoman, #7, Alice. You know, as in “in Wonderland?”

But let’s not discount the Puncs resident heartthrob, playing short stop, #10, Fitzwilliam Darcy.

To make the deal even sweeter? $1 of every purchase go towards a charity. For most shirts it’s the 826NYC foundation, which helps support and encourage creative writing skills in students ages 6 to 18. However, purchase either the Vonnegut or Trout shirts and you’ll be donating $1 to Doctors Without Borders.