WE LOVE MERCH: 47 Awesome Paramore T-Shirts

I love collecting and looking back at band t-shirts. I have way too many. It’s always fun to see how lyrics inspire t-shirt design and Paramore is the perfect band to use as an example. Here’s some old shirts and some more recent shirts to see how their look has changed over the years. And… More »

Never Wear A Band’s T-Shirt When You See Them Live: Absurd or…Just Really Absurd?

There’s this age old rule about what not to wear at a concert. I’ve actually done a lot of research on this just for this blog (I was intrigued and curious) and what…

Bands Sporting Other Band’s Tees

We all love rocking our favorite band merch when we go to a show or hit the town — but we are NOT the only ones! Seeing our favorite bands sporting another band’s merch makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Great to see the love and support in the music scene. Check out… More »

Closet Case Studies: Keltie Colleen

Welcome to my closet! Home of tee shirts, beautiful shoes and furry hats. I hope you like the tour of some of my favorite pieces of clothing, and I hope you…

FINAL COUNTDOWN TO ENTER — Sober is Sexy Holiday Giveaway Ends Today!

As a big thank you to all you guys for checking out and supporting me and Sober is Sexy, I thought it was time to run a contest…

Currently Coveting: Novel-T’s

Imagine, for a moment, that some of the greatest writers and characters in literature got together.

And played baseball.

Such is the idea behind Novel-T‘s, a company that makes “jersey-style literary t-shirts.”  With a host of…

t-shirts on sale now!!!!

cafepress.com/899294 !!go and buy me and erika’s t-shirts! they’re all hand designed by us!!

erika drew all of them except for that one ^^ but we both came up with the designs ourselves.…

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