Emo Girls Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Emo kids sometimes talk about how rough they have it. They get picked on and bullied which, hey, trust me. I know is no picnic.

But folks? At least you’re not getting ARRESTED.

A group of 10 young women were arrested at a Saudi Arabian coffee shop. The charge? Their “emo” clothing was not sufficiently following Muslim dress codes and was “causing a disturbance among other customers.” The owner of the coffee shop then called the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice to report this “disturbance.” The 10 girls were arrested and required to sign pledges that they would not continue to dress and act in a “non-Islamic” way.

Women in Saudia Arabia are required to all black shrouds called “abayas,” as well as head scarves, at all times in public. This means that their entire bodies must be hidden under the garments. And there are woman who choose to wear it as an expression of their faith.

But it seems that more and more women in the area are jumping on the “emo” trend and, really, who can blame them? They live in an area where, if you’re a girl, you can be arrested for not completely covering your body while in public. I’d say that gives them a damn good reason to be emo.