Before there was Liz Lemon, before there was Ugly Betty, there was Daria Morgendorffer. The monotonous malcontent first made her debut on Beavis and Butt-head in the mid-90s, playing the occasional intellectual foil to Beavis and Butt-head’s snicker-laden stupidity. Throughout the series Daria dealt with being a social outcast with grace and witty barbs, and made the rest of us alienated freaks feel semi-ok about the ninth ring of fiery inferno high school turned out to be. She didn’t long to fit in, she longed to get the eff out of there. Upon being invited to a party thrown by the popular kids, her response was “Sure. And after that I think I’ll swallow glass.”

In today’s MTV of Heidi Montag’s boobs, The Situation’s abs, and teenage girls’ unwanted pregnancies, Daria probably wouldn’t be allotted a spot in the line-up, but luckily for those of us bred on flannels and angst, the Daria: Complete Animated DVD was finally released by MTV earlier this week. Pick up your copy today and relive the highs and the lows (mostly the lows) of Lawndale High.