Boozle: Columbia and Charlotte and… LOST

Yesterday was the very first day of the BRS! We were positioned in between the two stages so we didn’t get to hear much until we closed up shop, then… GOOD CHARLOTTE! They killed it–even though I’m kinda of an old school fan and wanted desperately to hear a song off the first album. (Festival Song, anyone?)

I watched All Time Low, too… until something hard and plastic hit me in the back of the head. Their backdrop is sweet.

Other things that happened:

-A big ‘ol black and white beetle LANDED on my head. Emily screamed IT’S IN YOUR HAIR and then I did this hairwhip forward and then when it dropped Emily smashed it with her boot.

-A squirrel brushed my leg. I didn’t even know it, I just felt something scratch my ankle–thought someone threw something–and then these kids yell SQUIRREL! And it was in our tent (might I add that the little bugger looked completely at home amidst ourt backdrop) so I jumped on my chair because can’t you get rabies from them?

-Our first GC meet&greet was held in this magical, glen-like area.

-I signed like 4 autographs. WEIRD! Happy to do so, but like, it’s YOUR SHIRT! Haha.

-We met all of our awesome busmates (from Juicebox Clothing Co, TWLOHA, Photofinish Records, Pyknic Clothing, Music Skins and Jac Vanek and her friend Nicole) and did some bonding over LOST. Oh, did you think you’re a big Lost fan? Nicole has the numbers tattooed on her.

Jac hooked me up with a number bracelet today.


Things that did not happen:

-Hanson playing MmmmmBop

So don’t get your hopes up.

We arrived in Charlotte, NC later than expected and exactly THREE rain drops hit me and then it was just humid and ew. But we had a PERFECT view of the main stage so we got to watch most of them… until it was time to shower. BESSSSSST SHOWER!!

We got dinner after that and once again, ended up in a conversation about Lost–inititally sparked because Joseph Pepper threatened to tweet the ending right after he’d seen it (Cartel, being from Atlanta, get to watch the finale at home tomorrow.)

I’ve had two redbulls today but I am still SO ZONED OUT right now. Bus call is later tonight so hopefully we can meet some new tour pals.

Later d00ds.