Do You Have A Request?

After the success of my portrait for Hanna, that one more time thanks her for put it in her profile, I recieved a couple of requests of portraits (of her or the people asked me)…

So if you have a request for a portrait… write me below what you would like subject and I will be happy to make them for you….

Then you should write me in a private message all your info: name, surname, address, city, state….

I must only say that the portraits have a price, I must send to you, the most of you live in America, and send packages from Italy, where I live to America or in Europe have a price… and your money serve for me for send you the portraits… I hope that this isn’t a burden for you… but this thing I do also here, for the request of my friends or other people, the money serve for me also for buy the papers and the pencils for draw….

The price is of 25$ for American people or 20€ if you live in Europe.

Thanks so much for your support!!