Uma Talks ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 3’

Uma Thurman is talking about Kill Bill: Vol. 3 and i’m excited as ever!

The actress said: “Quentin has talked to me about Kill Bill: Vol. 3 and shared some of his ideas. I think it’s going to be awesome. It will be fun to get back into fighting mode even though I’m not much of a meanie. But I now have a physical confidence that I’ve probably never had in my life. You don’t know what you would do until you’re attacked. That’s the truth. But I think conflict should be avoided. I think conflict is a loss. I totally feel that there is no winnable war.”

Conflict-Shmonflict! The Bride is coming back!

Who else is rumored to reprise their roles?

Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver and Julie Dreyfus as Sofie Fatale.

As of now, the release date is set for sometime in 2014.

Will you be anticipating Kill Bill: Vol 3?