Daily Music Dose – Polar Bear Club

Everytime I goggle “Polar Bear Club,” I see a bunch of men in speedos, dashing about on some distant shore in waters so cold, parts of me retract in horror. Thank the dickens that I have scoured the internet to bring you the tunes of Polar Bear Club, so that you won’t have too look at photos of grape fruit smugglers.

The first time I saw this band, they were on tour with the boys in Broadway Calls and Crime In Stereo. I had never heard the sweet, sweet music that these blokes produced so when I watched them play, I was in awe. Not only did the crowd they brought with them go naners, they sounded amazing. The guitar work alone is enough to make me see a myriad of patterns due to my too many hours of playing Rock Band. There sound is very heavy but then they have these intricate leads throughout their songs. The lyrics are very heart felt and go from O MAI BROKEN HART to O HAI LIFE IS AWESUMZ. Clearly, I am doing Polar Bear Club an injustice so here it is, the music that speaks for itself!

Parked In The Parking Lot of Your Heart off the album Somtimes Things Just Disappear

Boxes from the album Chasing Hamburg

Polar Bear Club has 2 full LPs out and some 2 seven inches. They are currently on tour with Face to Face. In Rocktober, they will be touring with Strike Anywhere, Crime In Stereo, and Ruiner. You can find all their touring info here. Check out their handsome mugs below: