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Glamour Kills Tour Unique Compilation Album

This year’s Glamour Kills Tour features some amazing bands including; The Wonder Years, Polar Bear ClubTransit and many more. Some dates of the spring have already…

Magazine Leaks Warped Tour Lineup?!

A photograph recently taken of a magazine ad featured the 2012 Warped Tour lineup and the first five dates that open the tour in California. Although there haven’t been official…

Question of The Day: What’s Your Song Of The Day?

Photo By: 5Footer Song of the Day: Drifting Thing – Polar Bear Club “Each time you put me on the train I’m less and less sure you’ll do it againDon’t do it again..” This QOTD is brought to you by sadness squared. I’m trying something new today because well, I can and stuff. Plus, it’s… More »

PARTY PARTY PARTY PARTY!: Warped Tour 2010 in Pittsburgh, PA

Rumors are swirling that July 7th, 2010 in Pittsburgh was the hottest day the city has seen since 1982.  I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  So, what kind of…

Daily Music Dose – Polar Bear Club

Everytime I goggle “Polar Bear Club,” I see a bunch of men in speedos, dashing about on some distant shore in waters so cold, parts of me retract in horror. Thank the dickens that I

Polar Bear Club – In The Parking Lot of Your Heart

I saw these blokes when I went to go see Broadway Calls/Crime In Stereo a few months ago at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. They were pretty amazing. I’ve been on a Polar Bear Club kick this passed week so I thought I’d share. Not the full song but it’s a start. Yay! They had… More »

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