The Matches @ The Troubadour 8/22/09: Final Southern California show (and 2nd to last show ever)

I’m both sad and happy to have experienced The Matches last SoCal show. They are quirky, theatrical and amazingly talented group of men who captivate their loyal, “cult-ish” (that came from the mouth of Harris, not me) fans from first chord to last bow.

(photo by falloutfry)

Being a true fans band, they recently released the Matches album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed? (a collection of demos and unreleased material)

After our hiatus announcement in July, we were surprised by the big wave of fans’ comments (on myspace and various blogs and message boards) – very passionate, very disappointed, so we paid attention to the pleas to put out unreleased songs and demos. We just finished pulling together and mastering this set of ten songs.

At the show, Shawn talked about how they let people name their price for said demos and someone paid $100 the day before the show. Incredible.

Set list:

Jack Slap Cheer

What Katie Said

Yankee in a Chip Shop

Little Maggots

Point Me Toward The Morning

Salty Eyes

Dog-Eared Page

Audio Blood

Clouds Crash (acoustic because Shawn broke the mic stand)

Darkness Rising (acoustic)

Sunburn Vs. The Rhinovirus

Wicked Walk

Clumsy Heart

Didi (My Doe, Part 2)

Wake The Sun

Chain Me Free

Papercut Skin

Shawn’s little sister got on stage for Track 11 (Scratched Out)

Sick Little Suicide

Eryn Smith (by popular demand)


I’m ready for those side projects now, guys.