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The Matches @ The Troubadour 8/22/09: Final Southern California show (and 2nd to last show ever)

I’m both sad and happy to have experienced The Matches last SoCal show. They are quirky, theatrical and amazingly talented group of men who captivate their loyal, “cult-ish” (that came from the mouth of Harris,

The Matches playing “Darkness Rising”

I only caught part of it, but it was so dramatic and moving and perfect. 8/22/09, final SoCal show

The Matches playing “Clouds Crash” (Acoustic)

Man I love this song so much, I’m so glad he played it.

The Matches @ The Troubadour

“Kind of a sad night…” + Salty Eyes. Great sing along aong

The Matches “Slap Jack Cheer” @ The Troubadour 8/22

They opened with this song. Their last SoCal show, aw! Sniffle. It was such a good show, though.

TRY to tell me Shawn from The Matches doesn’t look like Johnny Depp

pirate love.

The Matches Performing “Needs And Wants” Acoustic

SHAWN HARRIS, R U SECRETLY THE SON OF JOHNNY DEPP? Anyway, I’m totally ready for another album from these dudes.

Top 50 songs of 2008

Part I – 1-25! This was tough.

All Time Low keep pop-punk alive with L.A. show

Tuesday night the Alternative Press tour hit Hollywood! It started kind of ridiculously early (anyone who caught Forever The Sickest Kids or Sonny, drop a comment and I’ll include…

The Matches give me ‘Hope,’ make my day: Buzznet album review

I ADORE this record. I know, I know– I’m a sucker for the happy sh–, and it may just be that I seek it out, but I really dig the ATTITUDE…

The Matches – Wake The Sun

Sing It Loud reveal new song featuring All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth

Epitaph pop-punk outfit Sing It Loud have a new song up on their MySpace called “No One Can Touch Us” and it…

The Matches make lemonade

The Matches upcoming album, A Band in Hope, leaked. I gotta admit, the pirate in me is a smidge excited. Anyway, that’s not the point– the message they posted in…

The Matches and their movies

The concept is getting kicked out of every Halloween superstore in NYC. When all else fails, do the robot. And hit up Blockbuster.

Who needs real love? (hi will u b my ‘maginary boyfren?)

I got TAGGED by Hulda! 🙂

1. You post your top 10 fantasy guys/girls
2. You tag 10 people.
3. You CANNOT tag someone who has already been tagged.
4. You have to let the people you tagged…

The Matches @ Pomona Warped

The Matches – Salty Eyes

How many TVs had to suffer during the making of this video? Haha. Great song, regardless!

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