Panic at the Disco Nostalgia Post

So yesterday we received the news that Panic at the Disco will continue on without Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. There was a considerable amount of freak out, undertstandably.

Although wer’e all mildly comforted by the fact that they split for the sole purpose of taking different musical directions–one forking towards Fever and the other Pretty. Odd., presumably–fans are still squeamish about the magic forces of Brendon Urie’s voice and Ryan Ross’ lyrics being absent.

I guess all we can do is wait to see what transpires. Oh, and we can be nostalgic about our precious panic memories of the past. Join us, won’t you?


Our epic scrapped Panic at the Disco song titles journal?

When we pondered what flavor Ryan Ross would be?

When they talked about having a lot of sleeves with a lot of crap up them?

When they were just being adorable at the Honda Civic Tour press thingie?

They smoked candy cigs backstage at the staples center?

And then I totally interviewed them and they told me about filming the video for “Northern Downpour”?

When we all fell in love with Pretty. Odd.?

OMG foreshadowing.

When you believed that Ryan Ross was in a coven?

When they dressed up for Halloween and made a video?

Sigh. Good times, guys. Good times.

Share your Panic 1.0 good times in the comments.