Get a “New Perspective” on Panic! at the Disco

There’s been some fear, some apprehension, some excitement and, believe it or not, some general “meh” regarding the recent news in regards to Panic! at the Disco. Between the news of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker leaving to form their own group, a snippet of the song “Oh, Glory!” being posted to the web and the lyrics to the song “New Perspective” hitting the internet as well, fans might have been worried or excited about the sound we can expect from Panic’s third album.

However, we finally have our first full song from the “new” Panic. A Brazilian Panic site has posted “New Perspective” in it’s entirity to the web.

Personally, I’m going to agree with what Pete Wentz already said: this sounds like a much more natural progression from the sound on A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. In fact, it sounds like it sits nicely in the middle of the two albums: it’s got a little of Fever, a little of Pretty. Odd. and works out pretty well. Then again, I’m a sucker for big Brendon vocals, so there you go.

But that’s my opinion! I want to hear yours, Buzznet! What do you think of this new song?

EDIT: Yes, I know that Ryan and Jon’s group The Young Veins (SERIOUSLY? UGH) have put out a new song too. But you can go ahead and write that up yourselves. I really don’t care.