Get Dressed: Clothing Lines At Warped

You’re well-schooled on the bands that’ll be at Warped 2009, which kicks off Friday, June 26th. You’ve been saving your pennies for merch and CD’s and are ready to get a bit baked waiting in line for signings. You’re prob not gonna wear much more than shorts, a tee and sunscreen. But what’s the status on your wardrobe for days you aren’t sweating your tookus off? Thinking about picking up a few items that perhaps don’t have a band name plastered across the chest? Here’s a rundown of some of the brands that’ll probably be hawking goods this year.

Glamour Kills


Baby Cakes

2 Tree Designs

Jac Vanek


New York Couture

Snakes and Suits

And of course, the head honcho of Warped brands, Vans will be reppin’.

What do you think? Gonna check out any of these booths?