Magazine Leaks Warped Tour Lineup?!

A photograph recently taken of a magazine ad featured the 2012 Warped Tour lineup and the first five dates that open the tour in California. Although there haven’t been official…

The Punks Take Back What is Theirs (Warped Tour 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA)

So, this year there’s been a lot of controversy about certain acts on Warped Tour.  Certain acts who don’t really seem to capture the “spirit” of Warped Tour (two of which have been caught lip…

Anti-Flag @ Pittsburgh Warped 2009

The hometown punks rocked the Warped Main Stage in Pittsburgh.

Get Dressed: Clothing Lines At Warped

You’re well-schooled on the bands that’ll be at Warped 2009, which kicks off Friday, June 26th. You’ve been saving your pennies for merch and CD’s and are ready to get a bit baked waiting in…


Absolutepunk pointed us to a band blog post that explained why Anti-Flag cancelled their current tour.Chris #2’s sister, along with her boyfriend, were murdered. So sad, and so shocking.

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