The Buzznet NOH8 Project

Since the passing of California Proposition 8 last year, which ammended the state consitution to define marriage as between one woman and one man, celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parashley have been working on a photoproject designed as a protest. Called the NOH8 campaign, the photos feature everyday Californians as well as celebrities like Mark Hoppus, Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and even Meghan McCain (daughter of Republican presidential nominee John McCain) with duct tape over their mouths and NoH8 written on their cheeks.

Recently, Buzznet photographers Jesisbogus and FalloutFry rounded up a bunch of Buzznet staffers and took NoH8 pictures of them as well. And now, thanks to a suggestion by Paulaztnew, we’re inviting you to contribute your own to help us spread the word and continue a virtual fight for equality. Because this situation doesn’t just affect California, it sets precident for other states as well.

Jesisbogus’ awesome shot of Buzznet community moderator Mark (panasonicyouth). Mark, along with fellow admin Elrich, was arrested last year during a peaceful No on 8 protest.

How you can participate:

  • Please follow the established NoH8 photos as closely as possible: white shirt, plain background and “NoH8” written on your cheek. Duct tape your mouth if you can, however if you need to use masking tape or no tape at all, that’s also acceptable. Other than that, let your imagination run wild. Some of the Bouska shots have included props such as hats, tiaras, toy elephants and more.
  • E-mail your photo as an attachment to In the e-mail include your Buzznet username so that we can link to your profile from your photo!
  • From there, we’ll be creating a gallery of Buzznet member’s NoH8 shots at a NoH8 Buzznet account. We’re doing this to keep the gallery together and make it easier for people to find, just like Buzznet has done in the past.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures, Buzznet! And don’t forget, the fight doesn’t stop at taking a photo. Raise your voices by writing your local and state government, participating in protests, spreading the word as best you can and never never never backing down.

You can also visit REALPROP8.ORG (Thanks to FallOutFry for the link!)