CONTEST: Attend A Private Party With The Cab Presented By Buzznet & The Sims 3

Want to attend a private party for Sims 3 Ambitions with The Cab & Buzznet in Hollywood on June 23rd? Well you are in luck! ENTER THE CONTEST below to win a spot…

We love mean girls! And Jonathan Bennett

Watch the nice interview here.

With Jonathan Bennett of Mean Girls

Watch the nice interview here. Yeah I edited the colors because I’m super pale.

Halloween – Prep Time Begins!

It’s already October! That means that somewhere, someone is celebrating Octobeard by growing some grizzly man chops or getting ready for Halloween. Facial month shenanigans aside, what are you doing to get ready for the…

The Buzznet NOH8 Project

Since the passing of California Proposition 8 last year, which ammended the state consitution to define marriage as between one woman and one man, celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parashley have been

follow me on a backstage tour of buzznet

Competing in Apples to apples

Buzznet = Love

Salutations mai Buzznet-orz!

I was trying to write a bulletin just to say what a giant pile of steamy, fresh out of the oven, heart shaped “Thank You’s” I owe to all of you. All…

Bree and Mark do Halloween: Photos by Ryan Russell

SAW: Buzznet edition

During my liveblog of the 2008 Scream Awards, I was struck with a terrible idea: what if Saw’s Jigsaw turned his attention to some of Buzznet’s writers?  What kind of challenges would he put…

Twitter: Do You Has It?

If you have yet to notice, something new is being thrown into peoples Shout Out boxes. This strange new found happening is known as Twitter. This application is a micro-blogging tool that lets you share

Davey Havok

Davey & Jade

Davey & Jade

KROQ Blaqk Audio listening party in Santa Monica

Jade & Panasonicyouth

Jade & Panasonic Youth

Jade shows Panasonicyouth the new Blaqk Audio CD CexCells (which is AWESOME by the way) in Santa Monica before they head into a private KROQ listening party

Jade & Panasonicyouth

Jade & Panasonicyouth

AFI performing “Miss Murder” on MTV Movie Awards

Watch Mark Edge stage dive at about the 3 minute mark! Haha. So awesome.

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