William Beckett Working with Demi Lovato, Fans On Internet Are Angry

It was the Tweet heard ’round the scene: William Beckett of The Academy Is… has announced he collaborated with Disney star Demi Lovato on a song for her second album.

And of course, Williams fans reacted in a mature, sensible fashion. Those that enjoy Demi’s work commended him and those who are not her biggest fans were able to rationally handle the fact that William, an artist they enjoy, was working with someone they don’t.

Oh, who am I kidding? The internet went apeshit.

Keep in mind, awhile back Demi revealed that William is her celebrity crush, prompting William to record and release a video message for her.

Well, apparently they did meet and William has co-written a song with Demi.

Which seems like it should be awesome: both William and Demi are talented kids and, hey, how awesome would it be to work on something you love with your celebrity crush? I mean, all I can say is that if Gerard Way showed up and said “Hey, what do you say we sit down and I’ll read and critique that graphic novel script you’ve been working on?” I’d have a copy of said script printed out and in his hands in about .0000000000002 seconds.

However, apparently people have made their displeasure with the William-Demi collaboration very vocally heard on the internet. To the point that William Twittered the following:

William wasn’t the only one who had something to say on the subject. Adam T. Siska, who has recently joined the Twitter craze, announced his feelings rather bluntly and in less than 140 characters:

Kiss his Twitterdick, indeed!

However, in the interest of finding out what Buzznet thinks, I’ve set up a poll! Go share your feelings. Please.