Hayley Williams Thinks You’re All A Buncha Lurkers

Attention to the two thousand some kids who are following Hayleyparamore on Twitter—it isn’t legit. The spunky Ms. Williams posted on the bands official LiveJournal this morning that it was an imposter and she couldn’t believe you all would think she would refer to somebody as “hun.”

the truth is i’ve been trying to hold off on the twitter thing. i dunno why i resist. it’s like another “iphone” for me. what is my deal!? i’m sure i’ll eventually fall into it and fall in love with it… but for now, i do not have a twitter. so don’t believe it til you hear it from me first.

speaking of twitter, my dear chad has started one. i picked on him for a while about it… but he actually makes it seem like a lot of fun. check out //www.twitter.com/xchadballx — all kinda updates on all kinda stuff. plus, from his twitter you can find other cool people such as anthony bayside. it’s pretty amazing actually… now people can just lurk on folks and be total creeps without anyone thinking anything of it. you’re all just a buncha lurkers!!!

twitter twatter. i shouldn’t dog it… i’m sure someone will talk me into it eventually. sigh. only a matter of time.

The twitterverse awaits you, Hayley.

She also promises an extensive record update soon! I can’t wait.