Fringe: “Unleashed”

The short version of last night’s episode: a genetically altered combo-animal (omg monster!) gets loose when an animal rights group liberates them from a Swift Lab. It kills those kids, then takes a stroll through the sewage system, coming up only to feed and to IMPREGNATE humans with its larvae babies. Ew.

Agent Charlie Francis was one of the lucky blokes to host monster bbs in his bod. SEXY. Only, not really.

Walter was absolutely on fire with his oddities and funny little quips. My favorite Pacey+Dad interactions:

Peter: Are you okay? Did you take something? Walter: Psychedelics? No, not since Thursday, no.


Walter: The spread of the digits, V-shaped. It’s too wide for one of those creatures. Configuration closer to that of an eagle. Of course much, much larger. Peter: Hey, we’re looking for Big Bird. Walter: Don’t be ridiculous. Perhaps a pterodactyl.

Things to ponder:

  • Was that a twinge of jealousy we saw in Olivia’s face when Pacey and her sister had a moment?
  • How many people thought that child on the playground was going to be a mid-day monster snack? I was totally holding my breath.
  • I read recaps that said they spotted The Observer (bald grown-up seen in the last episode)… I didn’t. Did you?

I’m kind of aching for more discovery of Agent Dunham’s mysterious “ability” AND an update on what Mr. Teleports is doing these days, seeing as that he’s not dead and all.