Fringe Comes Back With “Inner Child”

Fringe returned to Fox last night, after an excruciating hiatus. Unfortch, the comeback episode had little to do with the previous episode, “Ability.”

Or maybe it did, and I totally missed it. Maybe it was randomly connected through some book someone had on their desk or seemingly uninteresting mumbled phone call or a mere glance that was a cultural reference to a famous painting from the romantic period. If you slowed down the film or played the credits backwards YOU WOULD HAVE A THEORY.

Look at me, all sarcastic and it’s not even noon yet.

Anyway. “Inner Child” focused on a feral child found in a building just minutes before the structure was set to be demolished. The Fringe team get their hands on the kid, Agent Dunham forms a “connection” with the kid and all the while some serial killer known as The Artist is wreaking havoc.

It all ties together, I’m sure. This is another show that I watch despite not being able to fully wrap my head around it (hi, Lost). But I guess I should come to expect that from J.J. Abrams created shows.

The A/V Club has a pretty decent recap, if your brain is starving for details.

I like the concept of the show a lot–Fringe science and the idea that there are still undiscovered phenomena and much more about the human brain to be learned. Very updated X-Files without the constant emphasis of alien life. And I adore the characters, especially Ana Torv who plays Agent Olivia Dunham and Joshua Jackson who plays Peter Bishop.

Do any of you watch it? Do any of you understand it? What’d you think of this episode?

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