Best In Tweets: TWEETRACE ’09

So much going on in the Twitterverse this week. The erosion of our moral compasses, the Simpson family (not the yellow cartoons, btw) joining, and Ashton Kutcher racing Britneybot and CNN to a million followers.

You guys know that I am usually Team Britney, but in the battle of the Twitterati (story here) I am 100% behind Ashton Kutcher. On the real, CNN is not a person and Britney has probably never sent one tweet with her own fingers. Ashton actually interacts with his followers (how? I don’t know, he is a man of many talents), answers questions, takes feed back and does livechats. Obviously, not everyone has the time to commit to that, but if you want to win the Twitter-race, you ought to campaign and be worth it. Not just, like, exist.

Moving right along.

There was a study published saying that Twitter’s speed are a danger to our morality. “For some kinds of thought, especially moral decision-making about other people’s social and psychological situations, we need to allow for adequate time and reflection. If things are happening too fast, you may not ever fully experience emotions about other people’s psychological states,” said study leader Mary Helen Immordino-Yang of the USC Rossier School of Education in a university press release.

Speaking of things happening too fast, Flutter is the new Twitter:


Jessica and Tina Simpson have joined Papa Joe and Ashlee in tweeting. Ash, ever the little motivator, asked them all (including pal NicRich) what super powers they’d like to have.

Pete replied:

Mikey way made an observation

Stephanie warned against the psychological effects of @replys

Vicky T had a “being a girl in the scene blows” moment

Pete & Ashlee posted pictures of the BX nursery but it wasn’t painted by Travis McCoy so I’m a tad dissapointed.

And lastly, if you’re really getting into the spirit, here are some Twitter tools.

Did I miss anything? Did you have any earth-shattering Twitter-related revelations this week?

Ohmygod I think I’m banning myself from saying Twitter for the rest of the day.