Rpattz Wants To Crush Your Dreams

I’ve admittedly sort of backed off the “Twilight” beat because I can only handle so much. However, I thought some of you would be interested in what Robert Pattinson had to say when asked him a particular question about “New Moon.”

MTV stopped the actor while he was at Sunday night’s Oscars to ask him which scene he’s most stoked about shooting and Rpattz said he can’t wait to dump Bella. Ohhh shiiii….

“The scene where we temporarily break up,” he revealed. “On one hand, it’s completely impossible. And on the other, it sets a very different tone to the series. I think it will be good.”

You feisty fox, you! Now grow your hair back.

For more relevant info on the sequel-to-be, check this update.

Ok, I’m done now. Really.