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Stars Of The Host Prepare For Inevitable Fame

Sitting down with the cast of The Host, immediately brings on the fan in anyone. Max Irons and Jake Abel are easily as cute as any leading man these days, it’s hard not to…

25 Things We Learned At The ‘Breaking Dawn Pt. 2’ Junket

By Patty Gopez It’s finally here! Tonight (as early as 10pm!) Twilight fans will be able to experience the final Twilight Saga film, Breaking Dawn Part 2. As the fifth movie in the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2 culminates the epic love story of Bella and Edward and their loved ones. It truly is the… More »

The A To Z Of Twilight

With the final Twilight flick releasing in less than two days, fans around the world are both excited and saddened at the ending of the saga. And while the Los Angeles premiere is over and done with and the awaiting release culminates on Friday, like the tagline of the movie states, Twilight lives… FOREVER. In… More »

Anne Rice Says Lestat ‘Feels Sorry’ for Edward Cullen

Oh, Anne Rice.  This can lead nowhere good.

The author of the best selling Vampire Chronicles took to her Facebook to post the following statement:

“Lestat and Louie feel…

Stephenie Meyer Goes From ‘Twilight’ to Rom-Com

With Twilight on its last two movies, an author’s got to do something when it all comes to an end! Stephenie Meyer, who wrote all four Twilight books, is…

Tacky Twilight Thursdays, Eclipse Edition: Various Horrors of the Interwebs

Not all of the horrors of Eclipse merch can be found in one or two stores.  Oh no, sometimes, one must search out true evil in order to confront and conquer it.

Or write snarky…

Tacky Twilight Thursdays, Eclipse Edition: Companion Books

What’s worse than a terrible series of poorly-written but somehow best-selling novels?

The companion books to said series.

Now, books like this aren’t uncommon.  I mean, there’s a ton of guides to series that I absolutely love,…

A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Trapping (RPatz)

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, Robert Pattinson was hit by a car while being chased by rabid fans.  He wasn’t hit very hard, but this raises an important point.

Girls today have

He’s Not James, He Just Plays Him In “Twilight”!!

The best thing about your day has arrived–Funny or Die has an exclusive video of Cam Gigandet vs. Twilight tweens. I think you’ll enjoy this whether you like Stephenie Meyer’s creations or not. [cut=Let’s do…

Book Corner: Dharma Punx

Dude, I haven’t written a book blog in weeks! It’s actually hard for me to, though, because I don’t read one book at a time. I start more books than I finish. I think I’m…

Seattle Smackdown: Harry Potter vs. Twilight

Hey, so, what are you doing this Saturday? Have time to be a passionate listener when Team Read puts on a Harry Potter vs. Twilight debate at the Seattle Public Library? Because that’s

My Chemical Romance Isn’t Into “Twilight”

News broke awhile back that My Chemical Romance, despite supposedly being a huge influence on Stephenie Meyer’s writing, would NOT be appearing on the soundtrack for New Moon.  And now, they’ve

Rpattz Wants To Crush Your Dreams

I’ve admittedly sort of backed off the Twilight beat because I can only handle so much. However, I thought some of you would be interested in what Robert Pattinson had to say when MTV asked

My Chemical Romance Turns Down Chance to Do Music for “New Moon”

Stephenie Meyer may have included a few songs by My Chemical Romance on her semi-official soundtracks for the books in her Twilight series, but fans who thought they might

Vanessa Hudgens Getting Hairy in ‘New Moon?’

Move over, vampires.  It seems like it’s all about the werewolves these days. 

After all, just last week news came in that Taylor Lautner will be reprising his role as Jacob Black in <span…

New Moon News: Taylor Lautner’s Future with the Series

So, with New Moon‘s release now only 11 months away, fans have been waiting earnestly to find out what will happen with the role of Jacob Black.  Rumors had circled that Taylor Lautner, despite

Catherine Hardwicke Not Directing ‘Twilight’ Sequel

In news you may or may not care about, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke got the boot so she will not be the big boss when it comes to making, “New Moon.”


Prepare to be dazzled, you fabulous humans, you

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Twilight Sequels Get Greenlighted

“Twilight” movie-mania is about to send fangirls into dazzle-induced seizures and—although the movie opens next week—there really is no end in sight. [cut=Say what?]

Well, I guess that’s a bit melodramatic—it’ll end, just anytime

Twilight DVD to Fill In the Blanks with Midnight Sun Scene

While Twilight hasn’t even hit theatres yet, director Catherine Hardwicke is already talking about the DVD’s special features.  Start salivating now, Twilight fans, because she’s giving you more Edward Cullen for

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