your fans are insane. right?

hello!! what are you all up to? i’m just over here singing christmas songs! haha i’m in such a christmassy mood!! yesterday was the dinner down at my grandma’s. it was sooo much fun. i have lots of pics from it. ohh yesterday morning was the children’s church christmas play.. it was so cute! the littlest kids were dressed as sheep and the older ones were shepherds. my little 6 year old cousin willie played the drums during “little drummer boy” and it’s amazing. he can keep perfect beat just like any professional drummer. it’s sooo cute!

little cousin shaun kissing erika. he’s such a cutie. looks like a little gnome! haha he’ll be 2 in a few days

little trinity. she’ll be 2 in january.

i don’t know what’s up with my hair in this picture =P

me and the leah. eeeeee!

this is what i look like when i’m explaining something, apparently…

and this is what i look like when i’m being tickled and trying to keep a straight face.

these are the best friends anyone could ever have.


so today is relax day. just preparing for a busy week and staying home hopefully. tomorrow is baking baking baking baking baking like crazy. erika has to make lots of cookies and chocolates, so i’m helping her. i think later in the evening we’re going to see christmas lights. wednesday YAY IS CHRISTMAS EVE!! =D going to my grandma’s again to exchange gifts with her and leah. thursday.. CHRISTMAS DAYYYYYY! i think my grandma, leah and her parents are coming over to our house. we might go christmas caroling around the neighborhood. i’m so excited!! yyyyaayyy!

what are your plans for this week??