early morning chat.

i love taking pictures of birds.. haha! don’t forget to comment on my journal and ask me any question!

look who’s back in buisness!

after about a month of not talking, me and hannah are cool again. i don’t know exactly what happened that made us not talk, but we’re totally good. i’m so glad. ask me any questions you want in my new journal!! xoxo

gonna be a long way to happy.

back on track! christmas is over and i have tons of free time haha. normally i’m really sad around this time, cause christmas is over and it seems like there’s nothing to look forward to..…


went shopping with erika yesterday. fun fun! since christmas is over i have more free time and i’ll get back to posting stuff more often. but now i need to get ready for church. later cats. xoxo

Are you sure Santa is coming?

new pjs from my grandma. sooo cozyyyy! merry christmas everyone!

christmas play.

Frohe Weihnachten. Merry Christmas, too.

There you go, Janna. I sound weird. I was trying to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake anyone.. haha. I’m sorry I talk so fast, everyone. I don’t notice it until I hear myself. =O I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!

seems we’re bound by the laws of the same routine.

two. days. =O

your fans are insane. right?

hello!! what are you all up to? i’m just over here singing christmas songs! haha i’m in such a christmassy mood!! yesterday was the dinner down at my grandma’s. it was sooo much fun. i…

christmas party cheers. baby trinity.

my little cousin trinity.. she’s such a sweetheart!!!

rockets shoot us up into the sky.. rockets shoot us up into the sky.

guten taaaaag!

wow what a week! i love this time of the year, when everything is so busy that it really makes you appreciate moments when there’s “nothing to do”. it’s amazing. this week has…

it’s sneaking upon us.

christmas is only a few days away, can you believe it?! went to the christmas dinner tonight. hopefully tomorrow i’m going to a play. i love all of the busyness around this time. what does Christmas mean to you? -the birth of Jesus -getting presents -giving presents -just another holiday that comes and goes -santa… More »

Consult My Lover.

T. Kaulitz =D


next week is going to be busy! i’m so excited! – church christmas dinner tuesday – church play wednesday – great grandparents to exchange gifts friday – hopefully putting new floors in my bedroom on saturday what are you all up to? exsie osie

What does Ronnie want for Christmas? Find out here!

hahaha obviously not. go check out my latest journal!

somersault =D

hahaha.. me and erika being crazy yet again.

if you knew anything you’d know that we’re the best.

i love My Twin.

dear santa..

liebe liebe liebe

my family’s christmas tree… love it!!

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