Fall Out Boy Headed to War on the X-Box 360 This Friday

Are you a fan of video games? Are you a fan of Fall Out Boy?

Then are you ever gonna love this news: X-Box’s “Game with Fame” is giving you the chance to play Call of Duty: World at War against Fall Out Boy this Friday. You may remember “Game with Fame” as the same group that gave fans the chance to play Halo 3 against the guys from The Compromising of Integrity, Morality and Principles in Exchange for Money Tour: Every Avenue, The Maine, Mayday Parade and All Time Low.

The deal is similar to the way it worked for the Money Tour guys: if you’re interested in playing and have an X-Box Live Gold membership, you can send a request to their gamertag no later than half an hour before the game starts. Game starts at 2PM EST, meaning you’d have to have a request in by 1:30PM EST at the latest. The gamertag they’ll be using is GWF FallOutBoy.Make sure you report back to Buzznet if you get a chance to play against the guys. And watch out, because drummer Andy Hurley has mentioned on Twitter he’s a fan of the game. Odds are he’s practiced.