Buzznet = Love

Salutations mai Buzznet-orz!

I was trying to write a bulletin just to say what a giant pile of steamy, fresh out of the oven, heart shaped “Thank You’s” I owe to all of you. All of the magical Tweets that were sent in support of what happened yesterday were amazing. You’s guise are awesome and bring strange ocular fluid leaks to mine orbs. Again, thank you so much!

Aside from all the happenings of yesterday, I do not want to detract from the greater picture of why Mark & I were on the streets in the first place: No on h8. If anything, what happened to us yesterday should garner some attention for all of us that were on the street. I know that in today’s world, we are already just a blip on the screen and the next stories are coming in. As long as a few heads were turned in the direction of the civil rights issue that is being waged here in California and across the country, then great.

I find it remarkable that people think that just because something was voted on, the minority being turned into second class citizens is just going to pack up and go home. People tend to forget that the LGBT community is a minority and that even if they came out in droves with their supporters, they would still be out numbered. My favorite sign out on the street yesterday went along the lines of, “I didn’t get to vote on your marriage.”

I don’t want to downplay yesterday’s happenings but I also don’t want to make it into the proverbial “mole hill, say hello to mountain” situation, either. This is all I have for now, as I am kind of drained and have some things to sort out.

As if you didn’t hear this enough, thank you guise soooooo much for all the support.

:: hugz ::