Women’s Weight In America…….Overweight/Skinny

Hey! I have some issues I wanna address about society.I saw a journal yesterday that encouraged me to write about this. ” Society ( Now On Weight )…..

Now I’ve never thought someone was ugly or pretty just becuse of their weight.I’ve never even been that way.But other people have.I’ve seen people talk about overweight people right in front of their face,tease them,bully them,taunt them….all just because they were overweight.Modeling agencies have shunned them,men…..but that was back in the day.Now in the 21st Century many,many things have changed.Mo’Nique the comedienne had a show that started in 2000 and it lasted until the mid 2000s.That show was basically about starting what I call ” The big girl movement ” whickh I think that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that….everyone deserves to be loved and viewed as beautiful or cute! But Im starting to get upset…..

I have no problem with people lovin’ who and what they are but when you try and bring someone else down for that,thats when I get a little irritated.On every ” for fame ” show…..such as American Idol,America’s Next Top Model,So You Think You Can Dance….etc.Every big girl just have to make a mean comment about skinny girls.Such as…..

*If that ” stick ” can go in there and wow the judges then I know I can.

*She’s nothin but a ” hanger ”

*Not enought meat on your bones

*You must be anorexic

*Real women have curves

*You don’t have a butt

I grew up hearing that all my life and still do to this day I do.And I don’t think it’s right.Now on the other hand people sugar coat terms for them.

*More of me to love.

*Full-figured ( like we’re not eought )



*Im a real woman…etc

It’s like you’re tortured for being healthy or nauturally skinny.And I don’t like it.No one should talk about anyone’s weight or try and make anyone feel not good enought.Its just plain wrong.You should judge people on how they are as a person not how they look anyway. Eeveryone is beautiful if they have a good heart. If a skinny/overweight girl has a nasty/mean attitude then both of those chicks are ugly in my eyes.