Into The Wild……


Sam’s Woods, 9:55 pm:

“Can we stop for a bit? I’m getting kinda dizzy” Dee asks everyone as they walk along the dirt road. “Sure, there’s a clearing just over there, we can settle there for a bit” Edward says pointing over by a huge path of grass within the clump of tress. They then walk over and then sit down on the grass. “It’s so dark here then it is on the road” Dee says now looking around in almost pitch black darkness. “Well that’s because the moon is shining more on the road then here, too many tress are here also, all clumped in together. Give me a sec and I’ll make us up a fire, once I find some twigs” Edward says now moving his hands around to find some dry twigs on the ground. “I think there are some here” Gabrielle says now picking up what feels like a bunch of twigs. “Good, hand them to me then” Edward says now holding out his hands in the dark. It takes a few minutes for Gabrielle to find him and then try to put the twigs in his hands. “Haha, this feels so silly!” she says still looking for Edwards hands. Edward laughs to as well as Dee and Jessica and then he reach’s his hand out a bit more and then bumps into Gabrielle’s one hand. “Oh, found you!” he says laughing as Gabrielle now dumps the twigs in his hand. A few minutes later a spark comes out of nowhere and then a fire starts to build up. “We need some more twigs” Edward says now looking on the ground again. “Yeah but this time it will be easer to find some!” Gabrielle says looking on the ground with him. They find more twigs then and Edward puts them on the fire and in no time there is a huge blaze going. “How’s your head Dee?” Jessica asks Dee. “Ok, hurting still a little” Dee says. “Want another pill?” Gabrielle asks her taking out her bottle of pills from her backpack at once. “Please hun” Dee says. Gabrielle opens the bottle and then hands her two pills while Jessica lets her have water from her bottle. “Thanks huns” Dee says with a grateful smile. “Do you want to sleep here tonight?” Edward then asks her. “How far are we from the main road? Don’t want to go off to sleep if we’re only like five minutes away!” Dee says to him. “About two to three hours. We can stop for the night if you want. You need all the rest you can get” Edward says with a smile. “Well I think we should maybe go on, at least till we get to like a foot from the main road. Sleep in the woods while the road is right there. And we really need to get Dee to a hospital, even more so now that she’s getting a little sick more and more often” Jessica says shaking her head. “Well yeah, but it would be nice if we can get her there with out being knocked out or anything. Use your head Jess! You just said that she’s getting a little sick more and more often! How long do you think she can last without rest or sleep before we can get there?!” Gabrielle says to Jessica getting pissed off at her. “Well I was just saying tha…” Jessica begins to say. But she’s suddenly stopped by Dee saying, in a very deep tone, “What did I tell you two about fighting?” Jessica then sighs and Gabrielle mutters “Sorry” “Good, now be dears and get some water from that stream just over there, we’re running out big time” Dee says now going back to her soft tone. The girls then nod their heads and then pick up some bottles and walk over to the stream. “You really keep those two in check huh?!” Edward says to Dee when the girls leave. “Hehe, yeah, kinda. Sometimes when they get into little fights I have to stop them. But I have to say this is the most they have fought ever, wonder what’s going on?” Dee says. “Well I think it’s a mixture of things, they feel lost, their worried about you, and they feel kinda helpless. I know I felt like that once when a buddy and me went camping in woods way bigger then this one and one day we were rock climbing and he suddenly fell half way up the rock, that was really huge by the way, and broke his leg, and we were like, three days from the main road!” Edward says. “Oh wow! You guys were really out there huh?! How did you get back?!” Dee says. “I made up a crutch for him out of very strong wood and we walked all the three days back until we got to the road, then we flagged down a car with a very nice old gentlemen in it and he took us to the hospital at once” Edward says. “Wow. So you’ve had been through things like this before?” Dee then asks him while rubbing her head. “Yeah, and let me tell you, I wasn’t as clam then as I am now!” Edward says laughing a little. Dee laughs to and then the girls come back with their bottles filled with water. “So, anyone hungry?” Edward asks the girls while pulling out a pan. “Yeah, I can go for some food” Gabrielle says while Jessica and Dee nod in agreement. “Ok, how about some…eggs?” Edward says now looking into the pack. “Eggs are fine” the girls says. Edward then crakes the eggs open and puts two at a time in the pan. “Hey Gab? Could you watch these for a minute? I have to go to the bathroom” Edward says to Gabrielle after a few minutes. “Sure” Gabrielle says. Edward then walks over to a big bush a few feet away and then goes pee. Then after a few minutes as he’s on his way back, he suddenly feels his lest foot fall though something, and he’s going down fast. “Oh shit!” he yells, making the girls suddenly look to where he is. “Oh crap! What’s happening?!” Jessica yell as the girls at once let up and rush over to him. “He’s falling! Grab him fast!” Gabrielle yells now trying to grab Edward hands as they reach him. But to late.